Mind Mastery Hypnosis presents...

Could you use a cup?

Mental Espresso is a new video conference-based workshop for groups or individuals that takes people into a powerful trance-like state to release sluggish or apprehensive attitudes around a project, task or relationship and leaves them energized and eager to take action.

Unlike traditional hypnosis, Mental Espresso doesn’t require individuals to reveal their private thoughts with the group or ‘share’ the specific outcomes they are looking for.  Even the hypnotist doesn’t need to know – the Mental Espresso technique is THAT GOOD.


Just a quick note to say how profound that session ended up being yesterday.  It has really soaked in today. Especially after our conversation, and after my journaling session I just did.  Wonderful insights and a sense of peace and contentment with where I am already, and with the journey I am on presently and into the future. Thank you. ”


“Woo hoo! THANK YOU PETER. After weeks and weeks, I am now relieved of the angst that was in the way. Now it’s all just determination to get through it. I’m kind of already enjoying the excitement of having it done.”

Facing Self Doubt?

 “ The last two days I have felt kind of exhilarated. I have been observing my thinking and the sting of negative thoughts is greatly diminished. I also waited on customers yesterday and I felt like they really liked me! THANK YOU.”

How Does Mental Espresso Work?

Mental Espresso incorporates the ‘clean hypnotic language’ spearheaded by British hypnotist David Grove with transformational techniques of master hypnotist Freddy Jaquin and Yale University’s Michael V. Pantalon’s Instant Influence.

Mental Espresso succeeds because it acknowledges that hypnosis technique work within the creative mind of each participant.  With the recent revolutions in communications, Mental Espresso is now avaiable everywhere the internet and mobile signals reach.

Mental Espresso seems to have unlocked the filmy door that was keeping me from becoming active in trying to solve my conundrum. I' ve taken positive steps! Yesterday I didn't think about my conundrum at all, but this morning I was up at 5:30, unable to think of anything but getting going on my solution, writing down a list of steps, imagining the results of my work, filled with ideas.

“When I woke up this morning and thought about our session, I found my anxiety dissipate immediately. I am close to tears because for the first time in a long time I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Peter."

“Peter moved a lot of energy at our first meeting and really helped me transform my self esteem! THANKS!”