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A fear of needles, injections, or having blood draw has kept  many of us from receiving the medical care we need.  With the rollout of the COVID 19 vaccine, this problem turns from being a personal problem to a societal issue.  Herd immunity and the safety of those around us mean that everyone needs to find a solution to their issues with needles.  IHateNeedles.info hopes to be a resource for those people.


IHATENEEDLES.info Audio Downloads

IHateNeedles.info personal self-hypnosis audio program ( 34MB )

  This audio program will help you create a mental model for having a more positive experience.  At the same time it will help you access new resources for feeling in control and confident.

 This audio program will be most effective if it’s used for at least 12 days. The best times to listen are first thing in the morning AND right before bed time.



These videos cover a range of helpful, non-hypnosis techniques to help you prepare for a visit to a medical facility.
Note: Youtube videos are not a replacement for treatement from a professional.  If you feel your situation would be best solved by a customized program from a trained and caring practitioner, please contact me for a live, virtual session.

Applied Tension Technique for people who faint (Youtube video)  – For those who sometimes faint, or fear fainting, this technique keeps your blood flow active.


Grounding techniques for people who have looping negative thoughts (Youtube video) – A simple technique for controlling looping thoughts that may lead to feelings of panic.


Breathing techniques for people who hyperventilate ( Youtube video)  – It’s easy to become light-headed when you feel anxiety.  This technique can be used to avoid hyperventilating.


Medications to consider (coming soon)  – This list is culled from members of the FB Needle Phobia group. I am not a medical professional and all of the information on this page is for educational purposes only.

Press coverage of Needle Phobia and the Covid-19

Numerous articles point out that Trypanophobia and other needle ‘issues’ will be a major blockade to a full and successful rollout of the COVID 19 vaccine and other future vaccines. But none share specific resources.

CNN – Millions have a real fear of needles. Overcoming that is critical for vaccine rollout

NBC News – Fear of needles may keep may people away from vaccines.
Trypanophobia – the neglected diagnosis


Support Groups

FACEBOOK has a number of support groups specifically for people who fear needles and Trypanophobia.


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How Does Mental Espresso Work?

Mental Espresso incorporates the ‘clean hypnotic language’ spearheaded by British hypnotist David Grove with transformational techniques of master hypnotist Freddy Jaquin and Yale University’s Michael V. Pantalon’s Instant Influence.

Mental Espresso succeeds because it acknowledges that hypnosis technique work within the creative mind of each participant.  With the recent revolutions in communications, Mental Espresso is now avaiable everywhere the internet and mobile signals reach.

"Mental Espresso seems to have unlocked the filmy door that was keeping me from becoming active in trying to solve my conundrum. I' ve taken positive steps! Yesterday I didn't think about my conundrum at all, but this morning I was up at 5:30, unable to think of anything but getting going on my solution, writing down a list of steps, imagining the results of my work, filled with ideas."

“When I woke up this morning and thought about our session, I found my anxiety dissipate immediately. I am close to tears because for the first time in a long time I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Peter."

“Peter moved a lot of energy at our first meeting and really helped me transform my self esteem! THANKS!”